A Guide to Christmas in Dubai with Kids 2015


I love December in Dubai. The weather is divine with an average daily temperature of around 23 C. We can finally spend time outdoors without getting scorched to a crisp ...

Chilling Out at Dubai’s Chillout Ice Lounge


If you so wish, you can see ice sculptures in the desert on a 45 degree day!  Of course, it’s not really “out in the desert” but at the Dubai ...

Miniversum – A Mini World for Kids in Budapest


We had the opportunity for a short stay in Budapest during our recent 6-week summer trip around central Europe. Budapest is a visually stunning city that is rich in history ...

Simple Tips for Dealing with Jet Lag and Kids

Jetlag & Kids

My children, who are currently aged 6 and 4, are fairly well-seasoned flyers for their ages with our eldest having visited 19 countries in her 6 years. They are also ...

Dubai in the Sky

Dubai in the Sky

For the most part, Dubai is a cloud free city. However, at this time of year there is high humidity and early morning fog and cloud forms do happen. We ...

A Day at the Dubai Camel Races


Over the past 45 years, Dubai has been rapidly transformed into a modern, desert metropolis with the same lifestyle offerings as cities that have existed for centuries. Although it may ...

A Sweet Surprise: a Slovenian Gingerbread Museum

Beautiful baskets of decorative gingerbread in many styles.

Radovljica is a picturesque village only a short 7km drive from Lake Bled (Slovenia). We visited the village with the intention of eating at a traditional Slovenian restaurant called Gostilna Lectar, ...

Top Tips for Road Trips With Kids

Road Trip Tips

Before we had kids, my husband and I enjoyed going on road trips and we did a few decent-sized ones in Australia. Good company, good conversation, good music, good scenery… ...

Here’s to a New Journey

  • Posted: 04:38:am 19/09/2015
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Baby Loves to Travel Family

This little blog of mine has undergone some big changes in the past two months, the most significant of which is that I have started writing again after having a ...

Top 5 iPad Apps for Young Kids: September Round-up

Toca Life City App

My kids LOVE the iPad, but I have reservations about them using it everyday. I think kids need to be kids and for me that means interacting, playing and being present ...

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