Does My Baby Need a Passport?

The simple answer to this is – YES. You may be surprised to discover that your baby is unable to fly internationally on your passport or simply with a birth certificate and whilst this was the case about 12 years ago, it is certainly not the case now, especially in our age of heightened border security.

Getting a sleepy or unsettled newborn baby to comply with passport photo requirements can be a tricky situation – just ask my husband! I’ve provided some links below to specific passport offices and here you will find a list of requirements for getting your baby’s passport completed, including photo requirements. Or alternatively call your consulate or passport office.

Australia –
Canada –
New Zealand –
United Kingdom –
United States –

2 comments to Does My Baby Need a Passport?

  • Thanks for following on Twitter!

    When I took my son to get his first passport photo he was half awake and I had to hold him in a really awkward position so that my hand (or shadow!) couldn’t be seen in the photo! It’s really cute though:)

  • Lovely post! I get this question a lot but you know, a baby passport makes the most perfect keepsake. ;-) Your newest blog crush ~ Terrah in Texas

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