Celebrating 40 Years!

It’s not every day you have a momentous birthday, but today the country in which I currently reside, the United Arab Emirates, turns 40! There is a great vibe across the UAE, and the national flag is flying proud. Dubai is a sea of red, green, white and black, and the city has a celebratory mood.

This photo is of the world’s tallest building The Burj Khalifa. It’s a stunning piece of architecture that is almost too tall to photograph in its entirety. I particularly like this photo because it also captures a large UAE flag that has been draped over a hotel entrance as part of the National Day celebrations. Great symbolism for the rapid growth that’s been achieved by this nation in its short 40 years.

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  • Lisa

    December 03, 12 2011 11:45:25

    What a memorable experience to be able to share in such an important celebration while living abroad!

  • Sonja

    December 03, 12 2011 06:14:04

    I love how you got that gleam in the tower, too! Great shot!

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