Warsaw’s Little Mermaid

Although not particularly the best photo, I like the story that goes with it, so here goes. This photo was taken in the Old Town Market Square in Warsaw during one of our trips to “the old country” (my husband is of Polish descent). It is of the ‘Warszawska Syrenka’ (little mermaid) and she is the symbol of the city.  With her sword and shield she defends the city in times of danger and she represents the fighting spirit of the Polish people.

The Market Square in which she resides is also a sight that shouldn’t be missed. The entire area was razed to the ground during fierce bombing campaigns towards the end of WWII but was since painstakingly reconstructed from paintings, photos and memories. The Polish people are such brilliant artisans and it really is difficult to believe that you’re not amidst the original buildings. Fortunately, the Syrenka is the real deal, she survived the destruction of Warsaw which I’m sure adds to her legend.

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