Arabian Wildlife Centre: Sharjah

Living in an ultra hot climate means that for a good couple of months a year your kids don’t get to experience normal outdoor activities, such as visits to parks, outdoor playgrounds, beaches and zoos. That is why I was over the moon to discover the Arabian Wildlife Centre in Sharjah. It’s an indoor air-conditioned zoo which means it can be visited comfortably all year round. Only a short 40 minute drive from Dubai it’s a hidden little gem that many visitors to Dubai are probably unaware exists. The Centre houses the world’s largest collection of Arabian wildlife and it really is an impressive array of animals, many of which we’d never seen before. The zoo is divided into sections by species including reptiles, invertebrates, birds, nocturnal animals and large carnivores. The displays are in immaculate condition and designed very well. Unfortunately no photography is allowed at the centre (fortunately for the animals though) so I’m unable to show you any of its treasures.

The Wildlife Centre is situated in the Sharjah Desert Park, which also includes a Children’s Farm and a Natural History Museum. The 15dhs ($4 USD or £2.60 GBP) entry fee to the Park covers all 3 attractions – what great value for a good afternoon’s entertainment! We also spent a good hour at the Children’s Farm which my toddler loved. The above photo was taken there and Miss M would’ve stayed all day long feeding the camels if we’d allowed for it. We had to convince her that the animals at the Wildlife Centre were just as enticing. And they were.

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