Children’s City Dubai

The weather is perfect in Dubai right now! The scorching days of the summer are behind us and we’ve been making the most of the great weather to enjoy what the city has to offer without having to move from one air-conditioned environment to another. It’s time to explore the outdoors! We visited one of our favourite parks at the weekend, Creek Park.

Built on the banks of the Dubai Creek, it’s the 2nd biggest park in Dubai and has a lot to offer in terms of experiences for kids, including the Dolphinarium, a cable car, playgrounds, bike hire and camel rides. Our main reason for visiting was to have a picnic (my toddler’s new found love) and to visit Children’s City, also located within the park grounds. Children’s City is an educational museum for kids between two and fifteen years and it’s all about discovering and exploring the world we live in. It has plenty of entertaining exhibits spread over several floors, including the human body, local and global culture, science, nature and a planetarium. Although our 2-year-old is at the bottom end of their target audience, we had plenty of fun and it was only the lure of a picnic lunch outdoors that convinced her that it was time to leave!

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