Dubai: Ice Skating in the Desert

Yep, you can ice skate in the desert on a 45 degree day. Of course, it’s not really “out in the desert” but  in the confines of the phenomenal Dubai Mall. My husband, a Canadian, has been keen to get our toddler on skates for some time (well, since birth really), and having just returned from Canada to a very hot city we were looking for a little reprieve from the extreme heat. Living in Dubai’s Old Town, we often wander past the Olympic-sized ice rink at Dubai Mall to admire the skaters as they whiz around, so ice skating seemed to be the perfect escape.

My toddler was excited when we told her we’d take her skating, she talked about it endlessly for a couple of days. The truth is she is still a little on the young side and proper skating is not something she is going to master anytime soon, but we had plenty of fun for the time we were there and my toddler got the hang of keeping her feet together as my husband pushed her around the ice (there are also ‘Penguin Pals’ available for kids over 100cm and under the age of 10, to aid learning). From the way she recalls the day, we will definitely be visiting again in the future. 

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