Wild Nights at Al Ain Wildlife Park

The temperature is soaring in Dubai right now. The outdoors during the middle of the day is a ‘no go zone’ so finding suitable toddler activities that don’t involve an air-conditioned mall is a challenge.  On the lookout for something new to do, I discovered Al Ain Wildlife Park.

The park is a shortish drive from Dubai (1.5 hours), and if you set out at around 3.30pm you arrive as the sun slowly starts to set. The heat isn’t as severe at this time of day and you have enough daylight left to enjoy your adventure.  At this time of year the park is open until midnight, so you have plenty of time to explore.  My one year old loved the experience.  The park has an interesting layout with a wide range of animals with a particular focus on arid land wildlife, so plenty to keep her and us entertained for a balmy evening.