Looking for a Great Day Out in the UK?

If you’re UK bound with kids, or you already live in the UK, then you’ll find this new website very handy www.silvercrossdaysout.co.uk. Launched by historic pram manufacturers Silver Cross, the site is the answer to the prayers of parents looking for activities to keep their kids entertained. Packed full of attractions and venues, Days Out helps you easily and quickly find out what there is to do in your area. You can search by neighbourhood, category or for a specific venue to find great activities and get really useful information such as costs, opening hours and location. It’s interactive so users are encouraged to provide reviews of attractions, upload photos and suggest new destinations, which pretty much ensures this site is full of the latest fun and games to be had with kids around the British Isles.

I know I’ll find this site useful when I travel to London later in the year.