Documents to Carry When Travelling Solo With Your Kids

I have travelled alone internationally on a number of occasions with my small person and each time I do so I always carry parental permission from my husband. In accordance with the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, officials have the right to request to see this evidence. To be honest, there has only been one occasion that I have ever been asked to prove my relationship to my daughter (I still use my maiden name and therefore have a different surname), but I would prefer to be asked than not asked. The prudent part of me likes to think that EVERYONE should be queried when leaving a country solo with a child in tow. So to avoid any confusion whatsoever I carry the following documentation:

• notarised letter of permission from my husband;
• my husband’s contact details (business card), just in case immigration would like to liaise with him; and
• notarised copy of child’s birth certificate (to prove my relationship to the child).

There would be nothing worse than being turned away at the airport because you don’t have the correct documentation – how annoying would that be!