My Approach to Finding Flight Deals Online

I wish there were a magical one-stop-shop for finding the cheapest flights online. In all honesty I believe that finding the best flight deal involves lots of web surfing, and what I mean by this is checking out numerous flight comparison sites as well as the airline’s official site. Other little tricks that I know of for securing a good deal (apart from utilising frequent flier points) are either booking well in advance or snapping up a last minute deal as well as buying tickets mid-week (it has been suggested to buy on either Tuesday or Wednesday). You might also want to consider using a site like Yapta to track a flight price either before or after you buy. Remember, if you do find a great deal check the fine detail as often I find the cheaper flights come with the greater inconveniences, such as numerous stops and transitions. This is ok if you’re travelling solo, not so ok if you’re travelling with your one and two year old.

Here are 10 online sites (in no particular order) that we check-out when we’re looking to book flights and hoping to get a good deal (I say we, but I actually mean my husband, he seems to really enjoy searching for flight bargains and who am I to deny him of this great pleasure). Most of these sites also include the option to search for hotels and car hire as well.