My Hand Luggage Check-list for a Baby/Toddler

I like to travel light, so here is a list of my absolute necessities for a baby on-board a flight. My list mightn’t look light, but, when it’s all packed it should fit into a medium sized change bag with the odd extra bit thrown into your handbag (business as usual!).

• Baby’s passport and any other paperwork that may be required, such as a parental permission note if one
   parent is travelling alone.
• 2 changes of clothes for the baby. I also pack an extra jumper as it can get cold on board a flight
• Enough nappies to cover the entire trip. A good rule of thumb for me is 1 nappy per every 2 hours
• Foldable change mat (the smaller the better)
• Nappy sacks (great for grubby clothing)
• Teething gel
• Rash ointment
• Small digital thermometer in the event of sickness (especially for a long flight)
• A pack of baby wipes
• Snacks & meals – If your baby is over 6 months then they’ll need meals. Some airlines will provide baby meals,
   but I always take my own. I find Ella’s Kitchen organic pouches and Rafferty’s Garden pouches useful for
   these occasions.
• 4 disposable bibs. I like Nature Babycare because they are environmentally friendly.
• A sippy cup
• A baby spoon/fork
• For breastfeeding mums – make sure that you have enough water to remain hydrated on the flight. Large
   bottles of water can easily be purchased once you have passed security.
• For formula feeding mums – enough formula and clean bottles for the duration of the flight
• Baby blanket. I found that my small person settled better in the sky cot if she had her own blanket. I love the
   Aden and Anais 100% natural cotton muslin swaddles, they can also be used as a breastfeeding shield.
• 2 x plain muslin squares.  Great for mopping up mess, especially with a young baby
Suitable toys

Remember any liquids or gels need to be put into a zippered plastic bag.