Toddler Headphones Great for Flights

Are you flying with a toddler? If so, I recommend that you purchase a set of toddler headphones for the flight. Not to block out sound (as some flight headphones do), but rather so your toddler can watch and enjoy the in-flight entertainment and make your journey a little easier. At home, I monitor the amount of TV my toddler is exposed to but on a long haul flight I make the most of it, it’s a great distraction. The only problem is the headphones supplied by the airlines, both the ear buds and over-the-head variety, are too big for a toddler to use and TV without sound just isn’t as captivating. I like the Griffin MyPhones Kids Headphones, they come in a variety of colours and they have an in-built volume limiter so you can have peace of mind that your toddler’s ears are not being damaged.