The Quintessential Travel Entertainer

Books are the quintessential travel entertainer (well, for us at least), so I’ve decided to write a fortnightly book review. Please feel free to comment or submit a link with your favourite kids’ book. I’m always on the lookout for exciting new reads for my toddler.

I love Emily Gravett’s books for toddlers, they’re generally a very simple and catchy narrative, with brilliant illustrations that you could talk about forever. The Odd Egg has been around for a few years, but it’s a new one for our collection and quickly becoming a favourite. It’s a story with a scary twist so not for the timid child. My 23 month old has an odd sense of humour and is far from faint hearted (plus she covets scary animals) so this book was right up her alley. A tale of a duck who is upset because he can’t lay an egg, while all the other birds can. The duck eventually finds a huge egg which he considers the best of them all and joins in the waiting game with the other birds. An egg hatches at the turn of every page and the suspense builds as to what kind of bird will eventually pop out of Duck’s prize egg. I get just as much enjoyment as my toddler at the turning of the final page!