Hands-free Baby Travel

I have a number of slings and they have all served their purpose well, however, as my daughter moves into toddlerhood I quickly realised that I needed a sling that had a back carry feature. Enter Rose & Rebellion.   I actually bought this lovely sling and it has quickly become my favourite baby purchase of recent times.   These slings are fantastic for travel: they are great for airport lounging and superb for sightseeing.  I’m also pleased to tell you that as well as looking stylish, it’s also extremely functional and a dream to wear.  Here are some of the key features: Light weight.  The sling is soft structured and at 500gm it’s great for putting in your hand luggage. Strong and built to last. The sling can hold up to 20kg, and can be used from 3 months to 4 years. No aching shoulders. Your child’s weight is distributed evenly across your back. Reversible.This product also reverses to plain black. This is great for daddies, who may not fancy sporting a floral sling.  Though there are some very funky designs that a daddy might like. Varying positions The sling can be used as either a front or back carrier. Hands are free. Baby is happy!