Travel With Bella

I’d love for my kids to become responsible global citizens. We try our best through frequent travel to expose them to the different ways of the world. We’re also expats living abroad in the United Arab Emirates, which opens their eyes to a multitude of cultures. That is why I was pleased to read Bella’s Chinese New Year. Published by ‘Travel with Bella’, it is the first installment in a series that aims to instil in young kids a love of diverse culture and travel. The great thing about this series is that Bella does the travelling for you, so even kids who don’t have the opportunity to travel can learn from Bella’s adventures. 

It’s a gorgeously illustrated book that follows Bella, a young American girl living in Singapore, as she travels to school to celebrate the Chinese New Year. There are many cultural references about Singaporean custom and tradition, and even the opportunity to learn some Mandarin along the way. The book is aimed at the 3 – 8-year-old market, but my 2 year-old also enjoyed it (despite the lack of crocodiles – her favourite animal of late). The second installment, “Bella’s Vietnam Adventure”, is to be released later this year.  Who knows, we may even eventually see Bella visiting Dubai!

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