Live Local While Travelling With Kids

Although our kids are young, we still try our best through frequent travel to expose them to the different ways of the world. This quite often means more than just ticking off tourist attractions from a checklist at our destination. It means trying to immerse ourselves in the local culture. A great way to do this is to rent an apartment or home in a local neighbourhood off the tourist beat. Staying in an apartment when you’re travelling with children has many advantages:

  • it’s a great way to soak in the local vibe (such as shopping at the local grocery stores, finding the best coffee shops and letting your kids play at the local playgrounds);
  • it allows for privacy and personal space, plus touches of homeliness;
  • you can self-cater. Self-catering is a BIG plus and often a cost and sanity saver when travelling with kids (as much as my husband and I would love to dine out for every meal, with a 1 and 2 year old in our company this is not always practical *sigh); and
  • it gives you the opportunity to still feel like a tourist whilst at the same time letting you imagine that you….. actually live there.

Motivated by this passion for travel, we developed a steady itinerary of travel plans for the upcoming year. Which is why I was pleased when Roomorama, the online booking service for short term local rentals around the globe, contacted me asking if they could host us for 1 night on an upcoming trip. I thought this service would be fantastic for our upcoming trip to New York and quickly jumped online to explore our options.

I was particularly impressed that you could explore Roomorama via themes and I quickly honed in on this hoping to see a family friendly theme (you can search for apartments that are child friendly under conditions, but I thought a theme that did this automatically would be a bonus). After looking and not finding ‘family friendly’ I noticed that users are actively encouraged to suggest new themes.  So I did, and voila within 48 hours there it was. A brand spanking new ‘family friendly’ theme. Currently the theme suggests cities that are family friendly, and Roomorama are hoping to incorporate a filter in the near future to highlight accommodation that is family friendly as well – which I look forward to trying. I have to say I was impressed with the proactive approach and spontaneity of this company, and the fact that my ideas were immediately taken into consideration.  So for family’s wanting to live local, check out Roomorama.

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Roomorama