We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Whenever we travel with our kids we ALWAYS take a handful of books with us. A current favourite in our household is the great Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury classic: We’re going on a bear hunt. A rollicking little read about a family’s adventurous walk in search of a bear, it justly makes a great travel book! It’s cleverly written, relying heavily on rhyme, rhythm and repetition, and the illustrations are fantastic, moving between black and white and colour. It’s a book I’ve probably read aloud close to 100 times (I kid you not – we’ve been going on daily bear hunts for the past 12 weeks) and I enjoy it each time. Mainly because my little girl loves it and her reaction to this book each and every time she hears it is priceless.

I also came across this little online animated version of the story – a great entertainer if you travel with your laptop or ipad and have free wi-fi.

Do you have a favourite book you like to travel with?