A Must Have if you’re Travelling with Kids – Travel Insurance

This is probably common sense but, whether you are travelling with children or not, I can’t stress enough the need for a good travel insurance policy. Although you can prepare for a trip as best as possible, you never truly know what is going to happen.  I always have travel insurance and it’s one of those things that I organise as a safety net but hope never to use. For the first time ever I recently realised the benefit of having an excellent travel insurance policy and it was in relation to an incident that occurred with my daughter while we were in Singapore.  She is rarely ever sick but was unexpectedly hit with a severe virus and was hospitalised for 5 days.  When it comes to your children you want the best care possible and this is certainly what she received, though at a pretty cost.  Her medical care bill was astronomical as it included 5 nights in a top private hospital and numerous diagnostic tests (including an MRI!). THANKFULLY this was entirely covered by our insurance policy so at least we didn’t have to worry about our wallets instead. 

There are many good travel insurance companies out there, you just need to research well and find one that is regulated and provides a policy that best suits your family’s travel needs.  In fact you may discover that many insurance companies include children on the policy for no additional cost.  Also, if you travel a lot you may wish to consider purchasing annual multi-trip insurance to save you time and money.

The following links provide a few helpful tips on what to take into consideration when purchasing travel insurance: