Babble Top 25 Family Travel Blogs 2012

Babble have just released their Top 25 Family Travel blogs for 2012 and I’m very excited to share with you that ‘Baby Loves to Travel’ has been included on this list for the second year running.  In particular, a warm thank you to Babble for ranking ‘Baby Loves to Travel’ number 5 in the Adventure Family category! I was honestly surprised and thrilled to be on this list again and amongst such good company.

If you love travelling with your kids, or even just looking at pretty photos and reading about the adventures of travelling families, then definitely spend some time reading through some of these fantastic blogs on the Top 25. Collectively, there is a goldmine of information about family travel – a very useful resource indeed! Some of the blogs from this year’s list that I like are Ciao Bambino, Delicious Baby, Snaps & Blabs, Almost Fearless, Autistic Globetrotting and Our Travel Lifestyle.