Cow’s Milk for a Toddler in a Foreign Country

A question that I find gets asked a lot among travelling parents is ‘Can I give my toddler cow’s milk in a foreign country?’  The simple answer to this is ‘Yes’.  You can offer your toddler local milk as long as it has been pasteurised, refrigerated and is within its use by date.  If you have any doubts over whether or not it has been pasteurised or if the refrigeration process has been tampered with (some developing nations have frequent power shortages) then do not give this product to your child.  If you wish to be 100% safe with your choice of milk offer long-life UHT milk, and full cream is recommended for children under the age of 2.  Also, you need to remember that once you open a carton of long-life milk it needs to be refrigerated exactly the same way as pasteurised milk and it also spoils just as quickly as normal milk.

Another thing to remember is that cow’s milk in a foreign country will more than likely have a different taste to milk back home (different foods that cows eat in different regions effects the taste).  So if you are the owner of a small person with fussy taste buds you may find they reject foreign cow’s milk.  Over a short holiday this may not be an issue but if you’re travelling for a long period of time you may wish to get them slowly used to the taste of UHT milk before you travel.