Let me introduce myself

I’m a globetrotter! I was born and raised in Australia but since meeting my Canadian husband I have lived in various spots around the globe. Our recent port of call is Dubai after a 2 year stint in London. Given the international flavour of our household we do a lot of travel, sometimes for necessity, most often for pleasure.
Last year I became a first time mama and you’d think that travelling would take a backseat with a new baby on the scene. Not so! In the past 12 months I’ve done more travelling than in my entire life.

Although there are a plethora of issues and considerations when travelling with a small child, my little person has taught me that it is still possible to travel globally with a baby in tow and have a great time. For a one year old my daughter is very well travelled, she has more stamps in her passport than many grown people. She has visited 5 continents (9 countries in total). She has done super long haul flights (London to Australia – you can’t get much longer than that) and many short haul flights. She is a veteran with jetlag. She has flown on many an Airbus, as well as a little light aircraft. She has visited developed nations and emerging nations. Essentially, my baby loves to travel!

Throughout all of this I have learnt a lot about travelling with a small person and I’d like to use this blog to chronicle my knowledge thus far. Enjoy!